Amber Bishop

Welcome to Amber Bishop Photography!  I am Amber—wife of an amazing man, mother to three beautiful children, and a photographer.

I didn't find photography. Photography found me. After several years of building a fast paced, unfulfilling business, I quit. I chose to stay at home and homeschool our three children with the desire to learn what it means to simply be still and to stop striving.

In that stillness, I started to find myself. I was reminded how much I loved to paint and create, to sing and tell stories. I started having friends and acquaintances comment on how much they liked my photography and more people began to ask me to capture their family moments.  Before I knew it, my hobby grew into a career. 

Today, I love being able to connect with each of my clients and capture their special moments.  Photography gives me an opportunity to create and use art to make others feel beautiful.

Please contact Amber for pricing and details.