Portraits with the Family Pet image

Portraits with the Family Pet

I am often asked to take family portraits that include the family pet. I love working with families to come up with creative ways to show their love by authentic interactions with each other. I typically set a certain pose up and then ask the family to speak to each other or ask each other silly questions in order to get their natural interactions while the initial pose or grouping kind of melts into a more natural situation. And adding the family pet into a family photo session can be silly and spontaneous all at once. You never know what your pet will do.

This sweet pup wanted to have nothing to do with me and only wanted to snuggle up with its family. I actually think she was slightly scared of me and my big lens staring her down, so we just went with it . I AM SO GLAD WE DID!

always try to take my time making sure kids, pets and parents feel comfortable and happy before we move into taking a shot- we blow bubbles, talk about other things that have nothing to do with the session or their clothes. I get them thinking about other things and that is when the magic happens.  The parents were stressed at how their dog was behaving initially for this session but after I calmed their fears and said to just go with it, we got one of my favorite family/pet images ever. You can just feel the love.  Even though this wasn’t the image they thought they wanted going into the session, this is the one they purchased as a large blown up print for their home.

Isn’t  it fun to get something better then what you had hoped for?

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Feb 12, 2013
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